Study Associations in Australia

There are many different types of study associations in Australia. With the advent of the availability of internet access worldwide, many organizations are able to flourish with a more robust membership base. The study associations mentioned below represent a sampling of the different types of study organizations one can find in Australia.

For those who teach or research Japan, the Japanese Association in Australia is a good resource for further study of Japan. The association was founded in 1978 and is open to members who live both in Australia and overseas. The stated mission of the Japanese Association in Australia is to promote further understanding, study and research of both Japan and Japanese culture, including the Japanese language. The study association also publishes the journal "Japanese Studies" three times a year, and is edited by Dr. Snodgrass. Articles are accepted for publication on Japanese Studies from members in Australia and around the world.

The Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia is a professional study association for researchers, consultants, teachers and administrators from Australia and overseas, who are involved in the development of open and distance learning opportunities and organizations. The professional journal of the Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia is "Distance Education." It is an internationally peer-reviewed journal. The primary emphasis of the journal is the exploration and study of open, flexible and distance education.

The Gemological Association of Australia has been in operation since 1945. The GAA is responsible for educating Australia's gemologists. It is also active in keeping current members updated on the developments in the field of gemology and the jewelry industry. This study association also promotes the further study of Australian gemstones and gem deposits. It also runs GAA-approved courses in gemology in order to keep the standard high in the preparation of professional gemologists. The Gemological Association of Australia publishes a quarterly journal on the field of gemology entitled "The Australian Gemologist."

On a completely different note, SOSSA is a conservation organization dedicated to studying and preserving the wildlife and marine environment of Australia's Southern Oceans. Its membership comprises both amateurs and professionals. This study association organizes regular pelagic trips from around Australia. During these trips, visitors and members are able to study and enjoy the amazing marine life the lives along the Australian coasts.

As you can see, there is a wide diversity of professional study associations in Australia. A few of the organizations were mentioned above. There are many other opportunities for further studies on a plethora of subjects, and in many different fields. With the availability of internet access to most people, many of the Australian study associations are open to members from Australia and overseas.